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We are moving to Blogger.

Why? Because we Google.


Why, not What or How

Inspiring stuff. We don’t ask nurses what they do or how they do it, but why. This talk demonstrates how this idea is ultimately shared with others as a leadership and sales strategy.

Sales people of the world, unite!

Last week, Microsoft quietly (again!) announced support for a new Power Query connector. This time for SalesForce.com. I also note in the video connectors for FaceBook and BObj Universe!

Regular Expression Builder

I don’t normally build regular expressions, but when I do I use RegExr

Keep Hadoop Humming

Solving the Mystery of Hadoop Reliability

Big Bang Data

A brief detour through art


The revolution of disciplines after Big Data
From professional football and literary studies to crime prevention, today the fields of knowledge that have been profoundly changed by access to big data sets are countless. Data science methodologies are opening up new paths in numerous disciplines creating specialised fields that are associated with new professional profiles.
Thus, today, in urban planning, we talk of smart city technologies; in the press, of data journalism, and in departments of history, of digital humanities.
The first wave of data-driven products is also generating tensions and rifts in the respective industries, as is happening with the highly controversial personalised genome analysis services.”


Data brokers: a black eye for Big Data

Data brokers: a black eye for Big Data

60 Minutes exposes tactics of “data brokers”