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Accessing Analysis Services Azure through a Corporate Firewall

We were able to connect to the cube while not in the client offices, but as soon as we connected to their network, we could not reach it. As a test, we connected successfully to the cube over broadband while tethered to smartphone, and then when we plugged into the client network it stopped working.

We tried changing the port numbers as a workaround, and it still did not work. It appeared that the client firewall was ‘sniffing’ the traffic, and is configured to block this type of traffic on any port. Caveat: we hadn’t seen this specific issue before, so there was a chance we were overlooking something…

We provided the following options:
1. See what network security has to say: there might be a ‘magic port’ to use as a tunnel
2. Set up a VPN (or at least an open pipe) between Azure and client: a firewall configuration
3. Allow the traffic through the firewall: configuration
4. Run the cube on an analysis services server instance on the client network (BU or IT’s)
5. Do all demos on Azure (would have to set up another box): no end-user access to cube
6. Do demos over a broadband connection (less than ideal)
7. Give up on the cube for the moment :(

With some external help, it turned out there WAS a magic port!.. 80. Works without issue, but restricts the server insofar as it can’t have a webserver (like IIS / SharePoint) on it.

I love easy fixes!


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